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Joyce Mujuru not greatest of them all

I READ that the Zanu PF’s Women’s League are seriously considering Joyce Mujuru for vice-president: “Mujuru guns for vice-presidency”, (Zimbabwe Independent, September 3).

ns-serif”>It is very good for women to harbour such thoughts about their representation in government. If this happens we could be even ahead of some so-called first world countries.

I however have concerns about the proposed candidate and also the branch of the party that is lobbying for Mujuru’s candidature.

The country is currently going through a difficult time, especially for the women and children of Zimbabwe.

It is sad that Mujuru and Women’s League chairperson Thenjiwe Lesabe have said nothing about the plight of women and children of Zimbabwe.

I know that the position of vice- president is national and showing concern for other women would have been a good start.

I am not a woman but would have expected the Women’s League to communicate with the government and advise on women’s issues.

We have had the most loyal and docile vice-presidents since Independence who were all men. If we are bracing for change by bringing a female vice-president, let us bring someone who is not going to be like all the former vice-presidents.

I know that Mujuru is a former liberation war hero and that all the years she has headed government ministries, she did not prove herself as one of the greatest women leaders we have in Zimbabwe.

Let us think about whether we want a vice-president capable of working with our over-experienced President Mugabe or a vice-president who will harden him.

President Mugabe needs someone who will soften him up and also urge him to have respect for human rights and life.

Enlighten me more about Mujuru’s qualities of leadership not just that she is a liberation war hero. Many of us are liberation war heroes too!

Lee Mtungwa,

South Africa.

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