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Independent electoral body now!

THE need for a truly independent electoral body is more important now as the country prepares for the 2005 parliamentary election whose levels of transparency, fairness and conformity to Sadc and internationally acceptable standards of de

mocracy are critical to this country.

Without this, the already suffering country will continue to be shunned by the progressive world as a caricature republic in which elections are ruthlessly rigged in favour of the dear leader and his cronies.

We know that freedom is a powerful animal that fights barriers and sometimes makes people wish for higher fences.

We in the MDC have always advocated for the removal of Zanu PF’s dirty hands from the electoral process. The electoral system that centred around the party’s apologists like Sobusa Gula-Ndebele and Tobaiwa Mudede has lost all credibility.

Frank Matandirotya and Nomore Sibanda,

MDC Elections Department,


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