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Can we believe Mugabe?

I READ your analysis “MDC faces dilemma over boycott” (Zimbabwe Independent, September 3) with interest. You raised some interesting points.

However, despite the

fact that President Robert Mugabe put his signature to the new Sadc electoral procedures, the crux of the matter is: will he stick to this agreement? He hasn’t in the past. So why should anyone have faith that he will in the future.

Added to this, given his political statements about “bumper harvests”, can anyone believe a word this man says anymore.

The “trade union” of presidents in Sadc and the AU clearly support President Mugabe. If they didn’t, Zanu PF would have been red-carded years ago and Zimbabwe would be a prosperous country.

President Mugabe is only in power as a result of their support.

In fact, South Africa has acted as Zimbabwe’s de facto Ministry of Foreign Affairs. They believe every word he tells them despite the facts on the ground.

It is for this reason that they have stifled debate (on two occasions) on this regime’s human rights abuses at the UN. What a disgrace they are!

Looking back at history, the MDC and the people of Zimbabwe have few choices.

The MDC have not said that they will not compete in a free and fair election. Under current circumstances, there is no hope of free and fair elections taking place despite statements by one leader who now presides over Sadc.

If Sadc or the AU are serious, they would be taking action right now.

Zanu PF continues to breach these so-called electoral procedures throughout the country.

Is forcing people to buy Zanu PF cards an act which inspires confidence in democracy? Is “clearing the area” of MDC supporters a civilised act in the spirit of Sadc electoral procedures? What is Sadc doing about this?

Action is certainly not one of their strong points and it would be foolish for Zimbabweans to believe that they will take action. That’s living in hope just like Zanu PF is hoping to yield a “bumper crop”.

What Zanu PF should realise is that the harvest is over and we all know that grain is secretly flowing into this country to hide their “big lie”.

Zanu PF will never allow Zimbabweans to hold free and fair elections. If they did, they would lose and they know it. Zanu PF are in a do-or-die situation.

They have stolen too much and losing would expose the extent of their horrendous abuse of our country, its people and its institutions.

To retain power, they have no option but to hold Zimbabwe and its people as hostages.

Zimbabweans cannot win rigged elections. President Mugabe is right. It’s time to go back to the trenches.



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