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Mphisa was wrong, it’s Mahoso using Zanu PF

I BEG to differ with Abbie Mphisa “Time for Mahoso to reflect” (Zimbabwe Independent, May 21) implying that Dr Tafataona Mahoso is blindly loyal to Zanu PF.

The t

ruth is Mahoso is actually the one using Zanu PF to settle personal scores and advance his agenda of intellectual dominance over those who challenge him like journalists, cartoonists and academics.

As we all know by now, anyone who criticises Mahoso becomes his enemy. That is why he confines his columns to the Sunday Mail so that anyone who dares respond negatively will have his letter spiked.

If he wrote a column in the independent newspapers every week in his usual unreadable style, the editors would not contain the flood of intellectual contributors responding to his articles every week. So when he writes African Focus without anyone challenging him, it gives every Sunday Mail reader the impression that he is so well-read and educated! Look at the copious amounts of quotations in his column which take up about 95% of a whole article!

Mahoso doesn’t like anyone who is more intelligent than him, and that is just about everyone else! He destroys in order to dominate.

And, in order to dominate people intellectually, he uses Zanu PF. His ice-age ego is boosted whenever his “views” happen to be the same as those of Zanu PF. He reminds me of Gregory Rasputin.

Since Mahoso claims to be a Pan Africanist, perhaps he could answer the following questions for me:

How many books has Mahoso authored to date (seeing he calls himself an academic?);

Why does he write only in English, the language of the oppressors?;

Why does he not contribute a column or have his Sunday Mail articles translated in Kwayedza, a “popular” vernacular paper?;

Why did he choose to go to an American university in the 70’s when there were a lot of African universities he could have attended during those days?;

Why does he always wear a suit, which we all know is a sign of the imperialists, instead of the popular outfits from West Africa?; and

How come I have never seen him wearing a Zanu PF T-shirt or chanting a slogan at a Zanu PF rally?

I don’t expect answers, of course.



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