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How can our family obtain justice?

LET me tell you a story about our township hero. There is this local primary school teacher. He goes about telling people that if our place was bigger and could afford a university he would be teaching at the university because he has qua

lifications to teach at college level. After all, he claims to have 22 degrees.

The man is humble and despite his having doctorates he prefers being called comrade instead of doctor so and so. Comrade is a member of many heads of family clubs. In one of these clubs they have a constitution which dictates a family code of behaviour (that is how the head relates to his family).

Any family head that is found in breach of this code is penalised with membership being temporarily suspended until progress towards compliance is achieved.

Being a primary school teacher our hero has limitations on financial matters. In fact, he is heavily in debt. Despite this, our comrade has a certain benevolence towards fellow members of the community that he lives in.

A case in point, on one occasion in 1998 a member in one of his clubs had family problems and our comrade offered financial support even though members of his own family needed urgent medical attention.

This action did not go down well with members of his family and they appealed to the community through the head of family clubs. The wives are now in the process of trying to divorce him. On learning about the divorce action he became overly abusive towards the women and children.

He also reduced most of the family allowances diverting the funds towards his campaign for a stay of sanctions on the clubs as well as maintaining general goodwill among club members. Bribing relevant committee members is not above him.

This family action has the effect of making him an outcast thus denying him committee status on some of the clubs. For the family to succeed in their legal action they need resources which he is denying them and to make sure no other family helps he is labelling any humanitarian benefactors as zvikomba and therefore interested parties.

Most of the comrade’s clubs support their members but this one club sought to be different and decided to bar him from its committees. To save face he resigned from this club because he saw that if an inquest was held the truth would hurt him even more as more of his unbecoming behaviour came to light.

The family is now at a loss on who to turn to. The neighbours won’t lift a finger to help lest they be labelled zvikomba. Should the family remove its head to get any justice? The community won’t help but the family must get justice somehow. Any suggestions?

Sibangilizwe Dube


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