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Constitutional overhaul first, elections later!

OUR cricket is in disgrace, our private schools were assaulted by a government minister and above all, the recently concluded Zimbabwe International Trade Fair resembled nothing more than a tuck shop.

Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif”>God help us. Are we going to tolerate another five years of torture and humiliation under this most damaging dictatorship? The coming months are critical; do we allow the status quo to extend beyond 2005 or do we urgently begin a process to stand up to Zanu PF’s stranglehold on our future prospects?

The MDC will be trounced if it dares contest the next elections on Zanu PF’s terms. We need to address the constitutional issue first and foremost. It has to be completely overhauled if we are ever going to have conditions for a free and fair elections.

The MDC should face facts: would Nelson Mandela have accepted to contest an election under a “reformed” apartheid constitution? He wouldn’t.

The South Africans dismantled apartheid. We Zimbabweans can only rid this country of the present dictatorship and misrule by insisting that a new democratic constitution be put in place. This is our top priority. The onus is not just on the MDC but on the entire population.

A Proud Zimbabwean,


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