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Water now, not senate!

ZIMBABWE has always had at its disposal the wherewithal to have constructed, completed and commissioned the Matabeleland Zambezi Water Project a long time ago. It is tragic, though, that the perpetual pursuit of wrong, absurd, upside-down

, inside-out and back-to-front priorities by our so-called powers-that-be consigns us to a cul-de-sac from which we are, thus far, unable to extricate ourselves.

For 25 years a massive financial outlay continues to be made in the perennial procurement of aeroplanes and helicopters to satiate a syndrome to globetrot and to placate a phobia of imaginary foes from far and near. This has been only one of the numerous wanton ways our money has been wasted.

The senate is a concoction by a people bereft of objective rule and obsessed with the ruin of a people in Matabeleland. The expense attributable to the whole senate gamut is far in excess of the cost of bringing Zambezi water to us! One is non-essential while the other is essential.

Droughts are going to intensify, lengthen and become more and more frequent, say the experts. Amelioration of the effects of drought is, however, possible through the use of the Zambezi water resource at our disposal.

Arnold Payne,


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