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Solid as a rock potato

I COULD not agree more with the letters in your last week’s edition that the only leader, in my humble opinion, who read the mood of the people correctly over the senatorial elections is Morgan Tsvangirai. He made the correct decision to

boycott the so-called elections.

In my opinion, the politicians spoke on October 24 (nomination day), the people will speak on November 26.

If all the MDC candidates win, then Welshman Ncube and company were speaking on behalf of the people. However, if the candidates lose then we know that the people have truly sided with the leader who Zanu PF is most scared of – Tsvangirai.

All the huffing and puffing, on behalf of the government, by the state media signifies real fear by Zanu PF.

Tsvangirai, despite his faults, is the only leader who has the charisma to challenge Mugabe. Forget Ncube, Gift Chimanikire, Gibson Sibanda, Paul Themba Nyathi etc. The main man is Tsvangirai. Indeed he is the only man.



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