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Nestlé on milk supplies

WITH reference to the article you published last week titled “Farm invasions blamed for milk shortages”, we want to bring to your attention that when Mr Yves Manghardt, chief executive officer of Nestlé Southern and Eastern Africa Re

gion, launched “The Nestlé Commitment to Africa” report he did not mention that farm invasions were causing milk shortages nor that Nestlé suffered milk supply disruptions owing to farm invasions ordered by President Robert Mugabe’s government as per your article.

He stated that “our Harare factory was unfortunately receiving only 5 million litres of fresh milk per year instead of the 12 million litres it had been processing a few years ago compared to our capacity to process 15 million litres per year”.

Furthermore, an official Nestlé press release and a detailed report on “The Nestlé Commitment to Africa” were given to your senior business reporter Chris Goko.

We are kindly requesting you to clarify our position to all your readers by publishing this letter.

F Munetsi,

Finance and control director,

Nestlé Zimbabwe.

* We have checked the reporter’s copy and are satisfied Mr Manghardt was correctly quoted. – Editor.

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