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Make way Mr President!

WE understand President Robert Mugabe is a hero who fought for his country but his popularity has declined significantly over the years as  the suffering of the generality of the citizens worsens.

I used to adore Mugabe as my hero as a kid and understand it was the sa

me with many other people. But how he has degenerated into our worst enemy!

I advise my president to go now before things really get worse, as they will inevitably. Does he want to go down in the annals of history as the man who presided over destruction of the country?

The economy is in a free-fall; inflation is the highest in the world.

Large companies like Olivine Industries have shut down or relocated, there is no direct foreign investment, we have now turned the biggest importer of food, not the biggest exporter like we were seven years back.

His friends are now the small, inferior and less-developed nations like Equatorial Guinea, Tanzania and Malawi.

His policies are not working and have largely failed  while his current cabinet ministers have realised that if they can’t line their pockets with him in power now, by looting our resources, then they won’t get another chance to be rich in the future.

We need new blood and fresh ideas in our leadership. We have suffered enough. Enough is enough, zvakwana!

Oskido, Cape Town,
South Africa.

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