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Chinese are a shrewd lot, be warned!

IT is interesting to note how relations with China have “blossomed” recently while the country has been reported to consume more than America while at the same time producing 12-15 million new mouths to feed each year.


There has been a so-called Third Chimurenga to give land to the people or, am I wrong to say, to give land to Libya and China?

People in Zimbabwe are now in some form of status hypnoticus and wallowing in poverty, not realising that Zimbabwe itself is being sold to foreigners who want to feed their own 1,3 billion nationals while our 12 million waste away.

Is this the freedom promised to them in 1980?

I know people have tried and many are now tired and are resigned to fate, allowing the leadership to do its will, their own willpower destroyed.

The MDC which has been the hope of many has been destroyed from within, leaving the government to carry on peddling the country.

Anyone with reasonable capacity to judge what is happening will note that the rate at which the village is being destroyed, and its assets being sold, is higher than it was in 1985.

The leadership, whose memory problems, overall thinking and reasoning skills having significantly deteriorated, is now cognitively impaired and less intelligent than before, and is now guided only by basic animal instinct.

The Chinese on the other hand, know that age has taken its toll. Like a habitual gambler, the leadership lacks foresight and the capacity to know when to stop.

All this brings us to the Chinese being interested in the Cold Storage Company (CSC).

Having acquired Arda land (remember that Arda’s mandate was, and still is, to implement agricultural and rural development programmes aimed at improving the livelihoods of small-scale farmers like the rural folk), the Chinese are not ignorant of the fact that their actions are going to result in the average Zimbabwean being poorer than they are now.

If the leadership doesn’t care about its own villagers, why should they care?

Surely, if the current leadership chased whites away and invited Arabs and the Chinese, then rest assured that the next one shall either be faithful to restore what belongs to the black person or he/she shall call the white “baas” back to the village.

For the former to take place, the villagers must wake up from their deep slumber and shake off the yoke of modern servitude. How interesting it is for the Chinese to be interested in CSC!

Dr Lysanda Madzinga,


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