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Zim is anything but free

FOR a long time now I have read comments from important political figures of our country saying Zimbabwe is indeed a free country.

In my opinion, the situation in

Zimbabwe is anything but ‘free’.Here is the universal test of freedom and democracy (according to Natan Sharansky, born in Ukraine).

“If a person cannot walk into the middle of the town square (Africa Unity Square in our Zimbabwe) and express his/her views without fear of arrest, imprisonment or physical harm then that person is living in a fear society not a free society.”

So, I would like to tell our leaders that at times it’s better not to talk about freedom or democracy because many a time it’s an insult to the intelligence of the cruelly suppressed masses. May I also take this opportunity to warn the ex-Information minister that if he is not careful with his words then one day the monster (Aippa) that he helped create will cruelly make mince meat of his political life (if not natural life).

Lucky for him, some of us never got the warning when he bulldozed this morbid piece of legislation.

Fanuel Jasi,


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