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Tell us who is running Air Zimbabwe?

I WRITE to express my utter disgust and disappointment at the shoddy and carefree service that is being rendered to clients of our sole “national airline”, Air Zimbabwe.

vetica, sans-serif”>From the poor service that I encountered on Wednesday, I am convinced Air Zimbabwe’s vision of penetrating regional markets will remain but an illusion if they cannot even service the domestic market efficiently.

A flight that was due to depart for Bulawayo at 7:30am was delayed for a good two hours without any communication from Air Zimbabwe staff at the Harare domestic terminal.

I found this lack of courtesy appalling and unacceptable from an organisation that claims to have a culture of caring.

In fact, it makes a mockery of the airline’s claim that it plays a crucial role in promoting tourism in Zimbabwe.

It’s not new that airlines experience delays once in a while due to a number of technical hitches. But it is also common courtesy that these delays are communicated to travelling passengers well before departure time.

In this case we got to know of the delay well after departure time and the information came from NHS staff who didn’t seem to have further information and could not answer on behalf of the airline.

Air Zimbabwe staff were nowhere to be found until just before the “new departure time”, which incidentally we failed to meet.

Worse still, staff members present had no credible explanation for the debacle.

As for me, I will avoid Air Zimbabwe in the future at all costs.

The question that begs an answer is :Who is running Air Zimbabwe?

Lost Customer,


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