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New boundaries a big farce

Dear Editor, THE report recently produced by the Delimitation Commission appointed by President Robert Mugabe is laughable and worth throwing into the dustbin.


agine two constituencies being merged and two others being split just like that, without affecting the boundaries of other constituencies in the same province?

The new constituency boundaries were discussed in Zanu PF meetings and were known to many people well before the commission started work — thanks to the comrades in Zanu PF who have been generous enough to leak such information.

Zanu PF thought it could win the 2005 parliamentary election by reducing the number of MDC seats in the next parliament by merging constituencies in the areas deemed to be MDC strongholds and splitting those constituencies where it thinks it has a comfortable majority.

Some simple arithmetic will prove the point: How many people were registered in each of Mbare East and West constituencies in the 2000 parliamentary election?

How does the total of the two constituencies added, compare with other Harare constituencies? Split the number of registered voters in Mudzi in the 2000 parliamentary election and compare the result with the number of registered voters in any other constituency in the same province.

Zanu PF, through the Delimitation Commission, has justified their rigging by saying that there has been migration by people into and out of some provinces, but how do they expect all people who have migrated out of Harare to have come from Mbare East and West constituencies alone to justify merging the two constituencies into one?

By splitting Mudzi constituency into two constituencies, Zanu PF is trying to make the world believe that all people who have migrated into Mashonaland East province settled in Mudzi hence the reason to split it into two. But how does the world see this? This is daylight cheating and everyone can clearly see Zanu PF’s intention.

Zanu PF knows that it will not win a free and fair election and is therefore trying out all the dirty tricks.

This is some of the evidence that the MDC should take to Sadc and other

relevant bodies to prove that Zanu PF is trying to steal the election from the MDC again.

Benjamin Chitate,


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