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Media is fuelling divisions

AFTER the MDC was affected  by the current divisions I, like every other  responsible citizen, had to stop and decide which of the two sides to give my vote.

I wanted to make a choice.

As an ordinary citizen, most of the information that I can use to make

that choice comes from the grassroots and  the media both in and outside Zimbabwe. 

The political problems we are facing in Zimbabwe today are more complicated than the divisions in the MDC, with the media  being the major culprit in this situation.

Someone once asked a weekly  newspaper to investigate and tell the nation who among our opposition members  owns two farms, who among them has a house guarded by soldiers, why Zanu PF released the political parties’ funds just in time for one of the factions’ congress and who was absent on the day of voting to pass the Bill that brought back the senate? What did we get? 

Only deafening silence from the media.

Can someone please tell me where  Dumisani Muleya’s survey results are so I can update myself?

Muleya told us: “While Tsvangirai  was able to attract 15 000  delegates, the danger  remains if the MDC fails to reunite, his faction will lose an important power base: the south-western region (Matabeleland and parts of the Midlands) where the Mutambara camp is dominant.”

How does he know  this camp is dominant in this region?

Some sections of the media are fanning these divisions which unfortunately  some of these learned guys swallow, believing that because they are Ndebele, then they should be happy to be led by anyone. I find this contemptuous of people from the region.

Like any other people from all over Zimbabwe, people from Matabeleland want social and economic  justice.

Was it necessary for Muleya to tell us about Lovemore Moyo’s mother-in-law and that Morgan Tsvangirai comes from  Masvingo etc?

Because of the refusal of the media to report it like it is, we will meet Mugabe in the streets. My choice is made.

Original Masendeke,
Saucetown, Bulawayo.

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