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Charumbira stooped too low

DONALD Charumbira, in the article “Reward rural folk”, (Herald April 12), advocated the rewarding of rural folk on grounds that they had supported Zanu PF regain political dominance on the country’s volatile political te


I cannot find anything more disgusting than a world youth leader stooping so low and failing to see that the rural folk voted for President Mugabe against their conscience and own interests to enhance their social security, and for the continued enjoyment of Independence by a selected few — to which group Charumbira and Fortune Charumbira are privileged. No coincidence!

That we reward only the rural folk is a shameful, empty and vindictive election afterthought that only people from discredited associations like Zanu PF can say publicly without shame. We need people who appreciate Zimbabwe as a nation and not a fragmented society of warring political parties where only those loyal to certain individuals reap the rewards of the state.

That is typical Zanu PF thinking which is the reason why 25 years on we still rave and rant about “meddling” by a British leader called Tony Blair who is not in the least worried about Zimbabwe.

Donald must search his soul and ask himself why 25 years on, the rural electrification programme is still not complete. He must ask why unemployment has reached such alarming figures. He must ask himself why in so many years of black government, people like his grandfather and his family are the only ones living comfortably whilst the rest languish in abject poverty.

Charumbira is a baby who needs to wake up and see the world for what it is or risk following in the footsteps of his grandfather — a known Mugabe bootlicker who survives on praise-singing on the back of a parasitic former guerilla movement that has subjected an entire population to chronic uncertainty.

It is clear that Zanu PF is beginning to breed and prepare another generation of confused malcontents seeking to justify the cruelty and disastrous policies that have seen some people maintaining a stranglehold on stolen farms and assets.

These Charumbiras are learning the wicked ways and how to justify them. In the generation in which Donald and I exist, he will not hide behind Blair as an excuse for his own mistakes or the greed of families in the hierarchies that have caused suffering among us. Neither can fool anyone. Our generation has to be just.

Courage Shumba,


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