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Blackout Jonathan Moyo

WHY do you waste your time and money covering the former junior Minister of Information Jonathan Moyo? Remember this guy was busy closing independent media by coming up with all sorts of laws. Let him be covered by Zimpapers and the other

paper in Namibia.

Do you really think we care about his comments that “..Zanu PF drips venom…” ? Who does not know that? He was part of it. I think he is still part of it. Don’t you think he deserves a blackout in the independent media?

l On the other hand, I don’t know what Madinda Ndlovu means when he says “…my lads are still learning….” as an excuse for their drubbing at the hands of South Africa at the Under-17 championship.

Come on Madinda! Were your boys playing against older guys? When they would have finally learnt they will be beyond that age group and you will give us the same lame excuse that they are learning in the under-23s, then possibly still learning in the Warriors team.

Please excuse us, we want better explanations than that.

Sekuru venyu mese,


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