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Spoken word is powerful advertising

FURTHER to “Tell us who is running Air Zimbabwe”, by Lost Customer, (Zimbabwe Independent, May 20), I address this open letter to the head of our national airline.

, sans-serif”>It is understandable that our government is trying to regenerate our tourism industry and I am amazed that in your capacity as the man in charge of Air Zimbabwe, you are not supporting their endeavours.

“What”, I hear you say, “are you talking about?” Have you looked at the aircraft scheduling department recently, sir?

Look at this example: a tourist buys a London/Bulawayo business class ticket.

The Air Zimbabwe flight lands at Harare at 6:30am. The Bulawayo flight leaves at 7:30am — not sufficient time to clear immigration, customs and allow for change of terminals.

The next Bulawayo flight is at 8pm! A whole day spent in the airport — how exciting!

But in any case, neither flight has business class.

What am I to do with the extra 10kgs of luggage that I have been allowed to carry on the London/Harare flight? Then comes the return journey: The flight time of 5:15pm is perfect to connect with the London-bound flight. But no!

It has now been changed to 2:30pm — another several hours in the airport!

Air Zimbabwe must learn that tourists yearn for efficient and trouble-free travel. You may get a first visit, but what of second, third and other subsequent visits?

Verbal recommendation is powerful advertising!



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