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I hope it’s only the hair falling off …

LET’S cut through the Geoff Nyarota, Welshman Ncube and Michael Mtungwa cheese.

Nyarota is upset that his forthcoming book (Against the Grain)’s success may be scuppered by comments made by individuals — in this case Trevor Ncube, publisher of the Zimbabwe

Independent and the Standard.

One suspects that given Nyarota’s much-acclaimed investigation of the Willowgate sandal, he is some Sherlock Holmes and therefore his deduction that the author of his woes in this case must be Ncube is correct.

However, people who worked in the Chronicle newsroom at that time will differ on how the Willowgate story ended up on Nyarota’s desk and will speak with a deep sense of shame that the scribe who rightly  should be accorded the glory went to his grave a bitter, poor and disgruntled fellow.

The hope is that all this will be revealed in July. Some will say Nyarota is simply bending the truth as he has done in his long but consuming articles in the Financial Gazette over the last two weeks.

Historians, traditionalists and academics must be running around to check the veracity of the origins of the Mtungwas.

My brother-in-law is a Mtungwa and definitely does not in any way resemble one bothering Nyarota. But Nyarota has the conviction that whatever he says must be right.

He just does not stop at that, but pontificates about the need for juniors, subordinates and fellow practitioners to sympathise with him every time he loses a job. It’s not clear why this should be the case.

The  fact that he got fired thrice must be some indication of a cloud around the fellow:  could it  be his ego, incompetence or both?  

In all the cases he was dismissed because he was right and everyone else was wrong! When will this man be declared the missing disciple in Jesus’ team?  

Indeed, newspapers, television stations and other media routinely tease each other when competition hits hard times and editors always make fun of colleagues in similar positions.

Nyarota must have experienced this before and continues to do so wherever he is. It’s called the school of hard knocks.

As if that is not enough, we are informed that during his stay in Bulawayo, he never met academics or civil groups who sang the praises of Robert Mugabe and Zanu PF.

It would be interesting to read the articles and comments he wrote to reflect this, or was he banking them for July?

Don’t hold your breath.  

If indeed Nyarota is a firm believer in  freedom of expression, why does he think he needs the protection of his colleagues against attacks by the likes of Mtungwa?

If he goes to the extent of using a fake name to attack somebody else, it is no basis to suspect Ncube would do the same.

What makes him think that Welshman Ncube’s supporters, Trevor Ncube, (NewZimbabwe.com editor) Mduduzi Mathuthu and the Mtungwas of this world are all against him just because they have a different view to his opinions?

The last time I saw a picture of Nyarota, he was losing some of his hair and I hope that is the only thing falling off his head.
I look forward to his book in July.

I am not from Mozambique or Chipinge and my name is the same as is shown in all my documents issued by the registrar-general’s office in Zimbabwe.

Bekithemba Mhlanga,

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