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Chitate is merely confused

I COULDN’T help wondering what my refugee friend in New Zealand, Benjamin Chitate, was on following publication of his letter, “Mutambara still to deliver”, (Zimbabwe Independent, March 17).

The headline alone says

a lot about this chap. Did he honestly expect Arthur Mutambara to deliver after less than a month as leader of the MDC pro-senate faction?

What kind of tea is this man drinking in New Zealand?

Chitate goes on to quote Mutambara: “How do we talk about a regime which is criminal and violent when we ourselves are carrying out violent acts and violating our own party rules?” myopically referring to Tsvangirai.

Did Mutambara not use words like “we” and “ourselves” in his statement?

Chitate also points out that Mutambara preferred a total boycott of the senate and any other elections. But when he said: “Even if we have to fight elections under the current constitution…” Chitate claims Mutambara contradicted himself.

Since when did “Even if we have …” mean “When we …”?

The statement is clear: it’s not what Mutambara wants but what he prefers. There obviously is the option to succumb to the party supporters’ wishes.

Chitate should understand the meaning of every word in a sentence and think before he responds.

Muchatinyadzisa Bhururu,

New Zealand.

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