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Before you take those orders, Gideon ?

NOW it’s official, the good governor (Gideon Gono) has claimed the “worst governor ever” accolade.

First, it was the banks, now flea markets and

vegetable markets.

What the hell is Gono trying to do? We can’t all go and work on his farm. The people of Zimbabwe are suffering hence the presence on every street corner of +/-10 people selling the same commodity.

It’s not a reflection of their entrepreneurial skills, it’s because there is nothing else from which they can earn a living. Is he trying to make way for zhing zhongs? (cheap Chinese products)

Gono lamented so much the slow progress of black empowerment. How is this going to happen when any black person who dares to do any business is arrested and locked up for a period of the police’s choice?

Fruit vendors are not breaking any law. Neither are flea market operators breaking any law — they are only trying to eke out a living, provide for their children and avoid begging like their government.

We all know Gono is working under instructions from the powers-that-be, but before he takes up orders, the governor must ask himself these questions:

*What is going to happen when three million Hararians are out of employment?

*What is the fate of the children that looked up to their mothers’ markets for survival? and

*Are the authorities going to get any forex from an 80-year-old grandma who sells bananas, peanuts and other fruits or a young man who sells firewood in Chitungwiza?

If he wants forex he must ask the Chinese and the Indians who can afford clusters in Belvedere and Lexus cars when all they do is run a shop which sells buttons and zips.

But of course the good governor is not concerned about that, he lives in a posh house, drives a Merc, eats good food everyday and has never been to, or near Highfield, so why worry about those street vendors? If he’d have it his way, he’d take 500 fine young men who used to work for Trust Bank, send them to his farm and employ them as farmers while the rest are sent to prison.

Gono is no different from his boss — President Mugabe. Let me just warn these two gentlemen and their bootlickers. Some day, the children of this land will demand what belongs to them and their bootlickers. The Chinese will have to leave.

Talk of participation in the liberation war is complete nonsense because the difference is the same. We are still a colony, the only difference is that a black man is the coloniser…the Chinese too are taking ground.

Did you know there is only one country in the world;

* where inflation is at +/-130%;

* which looks (of all places) to the east;

* with a police force called riot police (in every other country, there is anti-riot police);

* which buys planes from China;

* where rule of law means police will beat and lock you up for a period of their choice;

l with an 81-year-old president who still talks about girls from Ghana?

Set Me Free,


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