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Why trees are being cut

IN an article I read in the Zimind recently, one of your columnists asked who was cutting the pine trees along Steppes road. I may have the answer.

All last week, pine trees were being cut along Beeston Avenue in Mandara. Home ow

ners seem to know nothing about this. This week, they cut all the pine trees along Hazel Road, off Beeston.

The crew arrived at our front gate, and announced that they were about to cut down all our 50+ year old pine trees, which had been planted by my mother-in-law, who has lived here for all that time. Luckily she was on hand, to point out that while the trees are outside our current wall, she planted them just inside the boundary, and when the surrounding wall was subsequently put up, it had been placed just inside the trees. In effect, the trees are still on our property, but outside the perimeter walling.

Luckily also, my wife was on the ball, and shot off to Highlands Municipality office, where she collected a city inspector. He knew nothing of this operation, but luckily (again — a lot of luck involved here), he was able to point out the boundary pegs, confirming my mother-in-law’s claim, and our trees were saved.

Whilst we were dealing with the people who were about to cut the trees, a steel blue Mercedes Benz (registration number supplied) arrived. A man (name supplied) from Tynwald Sawmill greeted us, and listened to what the municipal officer had to say. He was very congenial, and accepted that these trees were not to be cut.

A second man, who was driving, did not identify himself, but told us he was from the municipality. But the officer we had from Highlands later told us he’d never seen the man before, in over 20 years service with the City.

As I said, the mood was very congenial, and non-confrontational, until I took a photograph of the vehicle, whereupon, the two men became rather aggravated, and very unhappy.No threats were made, but I am a little worried that there may be some come-back if we have trodden on the toes of someone very important.



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