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Politics or the pulpit – priests should choose

By Learnmore

IT came as a surprise to hear early this year that men of the collar are taking it upon themselves to “help” the nation out of the mess that it is currently


Hopefully, they are all on the same political front because one dreads to think what would happen if they were to be of different political inclinations.

However noble their efforts might seem to be, they cannot change anything despite how thick the document they presented to the head of state might be.

Don’t take me for a pessimist, but we by all means try to be realistic, churchmen are for the pulpit and not politics.

Politics breeds hatred between the contending parties and the main Christian attribute is love, thus the two are just like water and oil, one cannot mix the two with any success.

Churches that have left politics ought to be commended for they do not risk muckraking God’s name by either of the two contending parties in the Zimbabwean political spectrum.

Have these churchmen that have resorted to “solving” political problems facing the country forgotten that Christians look to God’s Kingdom as the solution to human problems and not human governments?

Come Sunday these clergymen will be saying their common prayer: “Let your Kingdom come, let your will take place on earth as it is in heaven.”

Oh what a striking paradox — mere parroting, their acts show that these words do not come from their hearts when they say them. If these priests-cum-politicians’ service is to remain “spiritually clean”, they ought to choose their side.

If Jesus said that “My Kingdom is not of this world”, then why are His followers sticking their noses into politics?

It’s time that these men cut their proverbial tails if they are to gain respect from the general public.

* Learnmore writes from Belvedere, Harare.

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