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Christian Alliance condemns harassment of leaders

THE Christian Alliance condemns the detention and harassment of convener Bishop Levee Kadenge and four other leaders, namely, Daphne Magaya, Pastor Ancelom Magaya, Rev Brian Mugwidi and Pius Wakatama in Harare last Friday.

We mus

t first set the record straight. On Saturday July 29, the Christian Alliance hosted the Save Zimbabwe All Stakeholders Convection in Harare.

All political parties including Zanu PF were invited to speak on the future of our country in light of the current national crisis. Civil society and church groups also participated. The convection was called to explore ways of promoting internal dialogue and mapping the way forward towards a final peaceful resolution to our national crisis.

The convection came up with resolutions forming the basis of our strategy for engagement. The highlight of the convection was that the Zimbabwean crisis can only be resolved through an all inclusive process of internal dialogue. The convection committed itself to pursue this objective through a broad-based alliance.

AS Christian Alliance, the organisers of the convection, we emphasise that the formation of the broad alliance is not a political front or party. It is not the intention of the Christian Alliance to contest or delegate political power to any group. We are a network of like-minded Christian leaders pursuing our biblical mandate to promote peace and justice.

We call upon the police and the government to ensure that there are not obstacles to justice and peace by continued harassment of Christian Alliance leadership. The recent police action only reinforces the need for all Zimbabweans through their political and social formations to commit themselves to an urgent resolution of our national crisis.

We pray that God will protect and defend those he has called to be his instruments in establishing peace and justice. Our prayers are also extended to Zimbabweans who live under the threat of brutality.

Christiance Alliance,


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