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Riled by Zesa’s lack of consistency, planning

By BDA Moultrie

I WOULD like to congratulate our esteemed power provider on the unique achievement of effecting the 100th power cut in my part of Greendale since January

24, when I returned from a break in the UK.

These cuts have totalled just under 300 hours which admittedly includes a major 40-hour fault in April, which was immediately followed by a further three load shedding cuts totalling another 10 hours within the ensuing 24 hours!

Just to make this deplorable state of affairs even worse, my monthly electricity account has increased four-fold.

And, as if this was not enough, the constant and unscheduled outages have cost me two compressors on fridges and a new deep freeze.

This ignores the uncountable number of blown globes which, at the current $150 000 each, adds up to even more expenses with absolutely no possibility of compensation.

While I appreciate the excuses (these are even more frequent than the power cuts, and certainly more predictable!), what I do find completely untenable is the total lack of consistency/planning in load shedding. This, despite numerous phone calls requesting some form of schedule around which we could plan our lives.

They are quick enough to forward their bills. Would it not be just as simple to include regular load shedding schedules and keep to them, or is this far too complicated a proposal for them to action?

Although it is extremely unlikely that any answers will be forthcoming from Zesa I will, nonetheless, pose the following questions, answers to which will make for absorbing reading:

* Why are several areas virtually immune from shedding? (I know of two addresses in the Greendale area that endured only one or two cuts in the five months to which I refer);

* Although Zesa asserts that they do publish shedding schedules in the press, why do they not adhere to them?

* The only consistent element of the shedding “programme” is its total inconsistency. Why?

* Why does “Faults” invariably place one on hold, sometimes for up to 10 minutes, that is when one is fortunate enough to get through to them?

BDA Moultrie is a resident of Greendale.

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