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Poor Dynamos meet their Waterloo

Independent SportView With Darlington Majonga

FAILURE is the failure to delay failure. Or success is delayed failure. Whichever way you take it, Dynamos have utterly failed and seem to b

e clutching at straws as the end of an historic era beckons.

That Dynamos have plumbed the depths of despair is in no doubt, but no one will believe it until it happens. People still don’t want to believe Dynamos might have met their Waterloo – and thousands are still thronging stadia to witness what could turn out to be the end of a 42-year flirtation with premier football since the club’s birth.

Left for dead by a concoction of power struggles, dubious stewardship, thievery and a paucity of seriousness and devotion, a severe bout of emotions might just jettison the little chance Dynamos have to win the battle against relegation.

Wallowing in the demotion zone with six games to go, absolutely no one among the club’s “seven million” supporters wants to imagine Dynamos players changing their clothes under a tree in the unfashionable Division One next year.

Even rivals Caps United, Highlanders, Chapungu, Buymore or Shabanie don’t want Dynamos to be relegated, for to them there’s no sweeter feeling than getting the better of Zimbabwe’s most successful club in history.

The media don’t want to believe it too. It’s the grim reality that the whole soccer fraternity doesn’t want to believe.

But we all know why Dynamos are being relegated. The saboteurs must be rubbing their hands in glee at the demise of the club.

Honestly we would be stretching our luck too far to expect a club run the way Dynamos have been to survive relegation. That’s sad, and we saw it coming.

It’s not a grief-stricken Leo Kurauzvione wailing inconsolably at the prospect of Dynamos being relegated that touches our hearts, but whether Zimbabwe’s most successful club will ever grace top-flight football again.

At the onset of the season, we thought the olden days were back at Dynamos, a club that at one time claimed to have seven million supporters.

We thought the bygone years, where car horns would be honked while others sang and whistled in a cacophony to celebrate a DeMbare victory, were back.

And no one would have thought otherwise. Here was a side that had dismissed Masvingo in the season opener and accounted for Railstars in their second fixture of the season to fire what we thought were early warning shots.

Even the propaganda theorists made people believe the good times were back at Dynamos.

But it took an ordinary Motor Action to remind us the men masquerading as Dynamos players didn’t have what it takes to win a championship.

Now six games to go, it seems the players don’t even have what it takes to stay in the premiership – the stark reality that forced Kurauzvione to weep openly over Dynamos’ demise after their 0-3 loss to debutantes Monomotapa last week.

In their current state, we believe Dynamos striker Esau Amisi cannot find his way past Gabriel Runodamoto of Division One strugglers African Leopards. Against high-flying Mwana Africa, DeMbare might not even stand a chance – or even against Moses Chunga’s Gunners.

The saddest thing is that the players at Dynamos are as good as those at any other team, but incompetent administration has all but reduced the club to a hopeless outfit.

The players – the likes of Kurauzvione, Desmond Maringwa, Givemore Manuella, Clive Mwale and Mtshumayeli Moyo – are all capable of saving Dynamos, but it seems emotions have undermined their confidence.

Chunga has a psychological battle to hand to cool down emotions and tempers among his players. It’s painful to lose, but it’s unhelpful for players to just wail and lose focus.

It’s six games to go, and we all wait with bated breath to see whether Chunga is Dynamos’ messiah.

But whatever happens, it seems Caps United won’t give up their defence of the title in commiseration with Dynamos.

In a year in which they were entangled in a protracted sponsorship wrangle that threatened their future in the top-flight league, few imagined Caps United would recover to mount a serious defence of their title.

But the Premier Soccer League champions were undeterred and weathered the storm to prove their unprecedented run to the title last year was no fluke.

After losing six key players in the penultimate stage of the season, many doubted Caps would have the muscle to pull through.

But it seems nothing might stop them after all despite unconvincing displays in their last four encounters.

The sad thing now is that even if Caps retain the championship, they won’t get any rewards for their efforts.

The sponsorship row was sparked after the PSL would not let Caps give prominence or rather more mileage to the club’s own bankroller Net*One at the expense of the mobile company’s chief rival, Econet, the league’s new sponsor through its Buddie brand.

We felt it was the best deal the wrangling parties could have reached when the PSL allowed Caps to fulfil their league fixtures displaying Net*One’s Easycall brand logos. In turn, the defending champions would forfeit any prize monies from Econet, which would be channelled to charity.

But we have no doubt it will be a forgettable season for Caps to win the championship and not get anything for their sweat. That’s why we believe for Caps to agree to play for nothing was tantamount to reducing the club to a social outfit.

In fact, they were reduced to a mere billboard. We hope nothing like that will ever happen.

Joseph Kamwendo won’t like it to win the prestigious Soccer Star of the Year award without receiving the medal, trophy and money that go with the top accolade.

Talking of which, Caps are likely to have a number of players making it among the 11 soccer stars of the year. And it will be a forgettable recognition for them, unless Net*One chips in to soothe their hearts.

Still that would be a farce – a case of a girl buying herself roses on Valentine’s Day simply because no man has remembered her.

*Meanwhile the soccer star of the year selection is upon us once again. The selection process has always been controversial but we hope the journalists who will do it won’t be swayed by personal affection in making their choices.

It’s hard to agree, but the following are the 11 players I personally think did well to deserve recognition, barring any disqualification:

Joseph Kamwendo, Ashley Rambanepasi, Brian Badza (Caps United); Wellington Sibanda, Justice Majabvi (Lancashire Steel); Chipo Tsodzo (Highlanders); Gift Muzadzi, Francis Chandida (Buymore); Wonder Sithole (Masvingo United); Clement Matawu (Motor Action); and Takesure Chinyama (Hwange).

My colleague Enock Muchinjo thinks the finalists will be as follows: Joseph Kamwendo, Brian Badza, Leonard Tsipa (Caps United); Gift Muzadzi, Francis Chandida, More Moyo, James Matola (Buymore); Clement Matawu, Edward Tembo (Motor Action); Givemore Manuella (Dynamos); and Takesure Chinyama (Hwange).

Well, we wait for the big day. You can also tell us your own best 11.

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