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New maize varieties from Seed Co soon

Eric Chiriga

SEED Co is introducing seven new maize seed varieties with improved disease resistance and yield, onto the market.

tica, sans-serif”>”The group’s maize breeding team in Zimbabwe, is very close to releasing seven new hybrids with improved disease resistance and yield,” said company secretary Morgan Nzwere.

He said soyabean, wheat and groundnut programmes were also underway and the company would also soon release new varieties.

Nzwere said the new products would have a positive impact on Zimbabwe’s agriculture and provide farmers with improved options for production.

The country’s planting season is around the corner and the demand for seed is very high.

“There is an insatiable demand for seed in the region and the group expects to sell-out all its stocks,” Nzwere said.

Seed deliveries in Zimbabwe have been slow owing to late planting and the dry weather spell experienced during the last season.

Nzwere said the group’s seed supply was satisfactory with total deliveries expected to be 90% of those achieved previously.

Seed Co has introduced a production plan that involves twinning new farmers with experienced growers for the coming season to ensure the production deficit is addressed.

“Although local market turnover increased by 65%, it was affected by the reduced winter cereal planting caused by the shortage of diesel and other farm inputs,” Nzwere said.

There is a serious shortage of foreign currency and fuel in the country and this has affected all sectors of the economy.

“The persistent shortage of foreign currency accompanied by galloping inflation which has reached 426,6% has had a significant impact on the procurement of diesel and other equipment required in the agricultural sector and this has had an adverse effect on wheat planting and winter cereal sales,” he said.

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