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Leadership at the peak – Understanding authentic self

By George W Nyabadza

STUDIES in neuro-embryology have revealed that each person is born with a unique neurological blueprint. This represents a kind of “psychic or spiritual fingerprint” which can be seen as

representing what can be called the “authentic self” or the deepest quality of identity.

In a couple weeks time I shall be facilitating a weekend leadership and personal development seminar in Harare that I call “The Personal Revolution System”.

This programme proposes, as its core philosophy, a new mindset focused on the understanding of the innate wisdom of the inner “authentic self”.

The “authentic self” is the individual’s inner being that not only desires to unfold and express itself but also needs to begin to direct and modulate the vast human potential to function within the natural and dynamic context of the organic growth of life itself.

The ultimate process is about realigning the individual’s life experience which has been strongly influenced by negative conditioning of all kinds – social, religious, political; to the unlimited innate capacity of the “authentic self” to respond to the real world. Whilst the whole weekend process will by design be inspirational, the programme is not the usual motivational hype seminar.

What I am presenting is cutting edge life change technology. The core objective is to provide learning opportunities directed towards the facilitation of permanent change. This includes the development of powerful mindsets, appropriate coping skills and integrative leadership qualities.

It is a unique opportunity for someone seeking to live a life that fulfils his/her purpose on this earth. The programme is also about healing those impediments to growth that include conditions such as buried trauma, inner conflict, imbedded untruths, limiting beliefs and distorted values underpinning compulsions and addictions.

Life’s experiences condition us so deeply that a significant part of what we do and how we experience life is subconscious. Many of our day-to-day behaviours, notably the way we think and respond to events around us are simply we acting out programmes deeply encoded within our subconscious minds. Despite our best efforts to move up in life we fail because the programmes that manage us operate below the level of the conscious.

The old school axiom “if at first you don’t succeed try try try again” is a good indicator of the incorrect conditioning that controls our behaviour. A clear understanding of the power of our conditioned responses should see us say instead “if at first you don’t succeed, change the programme”.

One of the key results of the upcoming programme is an ability to identify the operating programmes that control our behaviour and being equipped with the ability to change those programmes. On a corporate level many organisations fail to reach their optimum levels of performance because of an inability by leaders to facilitate the unlocking of the unlimited human potential of their staff.

By understanding the process on a personal level, business leaders are better equipped to transform their organisations. This is therefore, also an invite to business leaders to come and engage in the learning experience.

The personal revolution system is a change technology. The process is an in-depth academic, experiential intervention through highly interactive exercises and workshops. The quest is to provide the most effective strategies for supporting a person’s transformation to a deeper experience of “authentic self” and thus power and responsibility over life’s choices. So what happens to wealth, success, overcoming pain and limitations?

As we move closer and closer to the expression of authentic self, we move to that place where we are able to allow and utilise our innate potent power to engage with every life process and to emerge stronger and more fulfilled individuals. I look forward to facilitating you through this amazing opportunity for change and growth.

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