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Leadership at the peak – Discovering your purpose

George W Nyabadza

THE issue of life purpose, discovering it, crystallising it and pursuing it has become a common theme in many discussions – be they of a serious engaging nature or merely idle chit-chat.

In my own experience over the past few years, I have found it easy to talk about purpose than to actually pin-point what it is. I may sound like I am contradicting myself because on one hand I say that I am clear about my life purpose but on the other, and in this article, I would like to argue that my purpose is not a defined end-result or entity.

In all my readings of history’s transformational leaders, I have found that most definitions of life purpose are not a defined end-result like for example; “I want to own a five-bedroom house in Highfield”. They tend rather to be some form of a quest that would be eternal if physical death did not interfere with our existence on this earthly plane.

To be precise, life purpose seems to morph into higher and higher spiritual desires as one progresses with life. Each achievement is more of a milestone towards something bigger and eternal.

I am persuaded that the process of pursuing purpose is a spiritual activity that draws us closer to the Creator. What starts off as a pursuit to fulfill one’s inner spiritual yearning morphs into an unfolding of one’s spirit, which in turn reaches a point where the inner spirit and that of the Creator resonate at the same frequency and the two become one in intent?

Gradually the pursuit of one’s purpose becomes an expression of the Creator’s desire for the manifestation of His glory on this earth.

Now I am a firm believer that, denying the existence of the Creator in no way prevents one from expressing the Creator’s power and ability on this earth. How else do you explain the amazing achievements of history’s great liberation struggle leaders? Who desires more for people to be liberated physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually than the Creator?

If the human spirit and the eternal spirit of the Creator begin to resonate at the same frequency and the pursuit of the individual’s purpose is an expression of the Creator’s will, it then becomes impossible to assign a quantum measure to the achievement of the purpose.

The Creator is spirit and eternal. Your ultimate purpose in life is spiritual. Most of life’s frustrations and disappointments arise because we place exceedingly great value on things material and physical.

The value we place on life’s “things” tends to decrease, as they become less visible to our eyes and senses. More value is placed on “things” physical than mental and more on the mental than the emotional and finally more on the emotional than the spiritual. We become attached to the less important things in life.

If you think of life’s construct as a hierarchy with the physical at the bottom, then the mental, emotional and spiritual, we tend to place more importance from the bottom up.

In reality, greater importance should be placed from the spiritual downwards. In other words, while going about the business of life, working, paying off mortgages, loving, raising children, you should dedicate a significant portion of your life to discovering your purpose and building the pursuit of it around your core life activities.

In every individual is a yearning for self-expression, which in reality is expressing the God-given call. For me, whilst I have put empowering words around my life purpose, I have a great sense of the call, a sense of “it’s there just over the horizon” and I have to keep on growing and pushing towards it. Will I ever reach reach the horizon? I just keep on the spiritual journey of transformation.

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