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Lack of ethical values fuels graft’

Conrad Dube

LEADERSHIP and personal development consultant George Nyabadza says corruption among Zimbabwean businesses has been given impetus by managers who pay lip service to the developme

nt of ethical values but do nothing to underpin them.

“Corruption has set in largely due to management’s lack of conscientising workers on upholding personal and organisational values which are key to growth in organisations,” said Nyabadza who is head of Achievement Success Dynamics.

Nyabadza told about a hundred delegates to a free life transformational seminar last Saturday that government’s crackdown on corruption, though positive, would not achieve much if business leaders failed to align the corporate mindset to the organisation’s strategic intent.

“One of the troubled financial institutions’ former boss once told me that his organisation was money-driven and had no time for values,” Nyabadza told the participants.

He said business executives cared less about the spiritual and social side of workers without which corruption and inefficiency creep in.

Nyabadza said he drew inspiration from nine years of exposure to “cutting edge processes for personal and leadership development through numerous seminars I have attended and through literally hundreds of books that I have read both casually and also with a serious academic research bent”.

“Achievement Success Dynamics is a vehicle to express my purpose which I describe as ‘transforming lives, transforming organisations, transforming nations’,” said Nyabadza. He said several globally recognised cutting edge personal transformation programmes, namely Mind Power, Alpha Mind Power and, more recently, Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), have also helped in moulding his desire to become a leadership consultant.

Nyabadza, a chartered accountant by profession who is currently studying for a doctorate in business leadership with the University of South Africa, said he had used his knowledge and experience to develop two “cutting edge” programmes, the Personal Revolution System ™ and Born To Lead ™.

The Personal Revolution System™ and the Born To Lead ™ programmes are both 24-hour courses delivered separately over two days each to equip delegates with tools and processes to transform the essence of both their businesses and personal lives.

“The programmes are comparable to the best programmes available globally,” Nyabadza said.

The first Personal Revolution Systems ™ seminar at the Crowne Plaza Hotel will be held on September 4 and 5.

In two transformational days, Nyabadza said participants will be equipped with skills to develop leadership qualities.

Nyabadza said the purpose of these programmes is to motivate individuals, organisations and nations to utilise their entire God given potential. “These programmes are designed to equip participants with skills that enable them to access the abundant resources for achievement and success that are resident within them,” he said.

Nyabadza currently trains and consults across Africa, in the United Kingdom and the United States.

In 1999 Nyabadza won the Zimbabwe Success Motivation Institute (USA) Client of the Year Award and went on to become not only the first Zimbabwean, but also the first person from Africa to win the prestigious Success Motivation International World client of the Year Award in the same year. Nyabadza attended Stanford University’s Advanced Management College Programme and has also attended the Haggai Instititue of Advanced Leadership training programme. He is a columnist in the Zimbabwe Independent.

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