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Computer firm goes regional

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LEADING information technology provider IC Technologies Ltd (ICTL), formally ICL Zimbabwe Ltd, says it intends to go regional.

s-serif”>The company said preparations for the move were at an advanced stage.

ICTL, a leading computer solution company, made the announcement during its rebranding launch last week.

“We have held meetings with the Zambian business community and the results seem encouraging,” said ICTL regional director Orgas Mpofu.

ICTL said the continued high demand for its products had necessitated the move.

Mpofu said the company would venture into Zambia to cater for the vacuum that had been left by some providers in that country.

“In this venture we have been encouraged to go it alone without any other partners,” said Mpofu.

The company said modalities would be put in place to ensure that a viable enterprise would emerge.

“We have a branch in Bulawayo and Lusaka is even closer so we believe this will be in our best interest,” said finance director Edington Sagomba.

He said the company was keeping a keen interest on the data movement and wireless communication sectors.

“If the time comes we might consider and weigh our options since we supply most of the material used in such projects,” Sagomba said.

The move comes as ICL International has localised shareholding in most of its regional operations.

ICTL was created after the directors of ICL International sold their entire shareholding to the local directors.

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