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Potraz delays 3G launch: Econet

Jesilyn Dendere

ECONET Wireless says the launch of the its Third Generation (3G) mobile service has been delayed because the company is yet to get a frequency from the

Postal and Telecommunications Regulatory Authority of Zimbabwe (Potraz).

3G is a technology which offers services that are unavailable on the current system; it includes video telephony which enables one to see the video of the person they are talking to provided the other person has a similar phone.

The 3G also enables subscribers to send and receive emails and access the Internet at a high speed.

Econet spokesperson, Dakarayi Matanga, said the company had already installed the equipment for the 3G network but could not switch it on because of lack of necessary frequencies.

“We have already installed the equipment but unfortunately we have not yet been allocated the frequencies on which to offer the services,” said Matanga.

In its preparation for the launch of the 3G, Econet has already completed the installation of the GPRS which will enable users and visitors roaming in Zimbabwe to use business tools such as Blackberry- enabled cell phones to receive and send emails.

“The 3G will however be more advanced than the GPRS as it will allow greater capacity for data and comes with features such as high speed internet and video services,” Matanga said.

Econet is hopeful that their application will be considered soon in order to enable them to launch the service.

“We are however confident that our application for the frequencies will be approved soon,” he said.

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