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Zimbabwe situation worsening’ – Donnelly

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OUTGOING British Ambassador Sir Brian Donnelly believes the political and humanitarian crises in Zimbabwe have been worsening as the Zimbabwe government remains unwilling to work with the intern

ational community in the search for solutions.

Donnelly, who leaves Zimbabwe in July after a three-year tour, made the observations in the British Embassy official quarterly magazine, Britain and Zimbabwe.

“Last month the 15 members of the European Union, supported by 21 other European countries, decided to extend from 79 to 95 the number of individuals in the Zanu PF hierarchy who are subject to travel restrictions and asset freezes in their territories,” Donnelly said.

“The United States and Australia have also tightened their own restrictions. We all share a common appreciation that in a number of key areas – political intimidation and violence, democracy and human rights, freedom of expression, justice and land reform – the situation in Zimbabwe has appreciably worsened.”

Donnelly said the British government was however still committed to providing humanitarian assistance to Zimbabwe.

He said his government had offered suggestions to the Zimbabwe government on how the problems between the two countries could be solved.

“These include the cessation of all forms of political intimidation and violence; the suspension of the provisions of the Public Order and Security Act which limit so drastically freedom of association; suspension of the Access to Information and Protection of Privacy Act and the invitation to the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights to visit Zimbabwe to initiate an assessment of claims of human rights abuses.”

The Zimbabwe government shows no sign of willingness to change, Donnelly says.

“Unfortunately we see no sign of willingness on the part of the government of Zimbabwe to move in this direction.”

He said the success of the current monetary policy depended on Zimbabwe re-engaging with the wider world and effecting changes in governance.

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