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Moyo challenged to take paternity test

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WOMEN’S organisations and human rights groups have deplored the arrest of a woman who claims she had a son with Information minister Jonathan Moyo and have challenged the minister to take a

paternity test to prove that he was not the real father of the child.

The civic groups this week challenged Moyo to go for a DNA test that would prove whether he is the father or not of the 22-year old man, Ntuthuko Mwendini, who a Kadoma woman, Irene Ali, claims was fathered by Moyo in the early 1980s.

Moyo has denied the claim pointing out he was in the United States at the time.

The civic groups accused the police of overzealousness and of being used to advance the interests of Moyo in a case where recognised channels of solving the matter were available.

“The police had no right to arrest the woman and the question that needs to be answered is would this woman have been arrested if the man involved was not a minister?” said Qonda Moyo, Co-ordinator of the Federation of African Media Women Zimbabwe (FAMWZ).

She said the minister should have been asked to take a paternity test that would prove he was not the father of the child.

“Even if the test proved that Moyo was not the father of the child, I do not see under which laws the woman could have been arrested,” said Qonda Moyo. “What Moyo can only do in those circumstances is to sue for defamation if he feels that the allegations raised have injured his reputation,” she said.

Ali was arrested on Saturday and is facing charges of criminal defamation arising from allegations she made against Moyo.

Zimbabwe Lawyers for Human Rights executive director Arnold Tsunga said police jumped the gun on the matter.

“The police jumped the gun by arresting the woman and this sends a wrong message to the community,” he said. “What the police have done says you cannot make such claims against ministers and powerful politicians and we are saying that is wrong.”

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