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Zanu PF ‘childish’

Gift Phiri

THE motion moved and adopted by parliament this week calling on government to institute an inquiry into the alleged treasonous activities of the Movement for Democratic Change is an attempt to div

ert people’s attention from the regime’s failure to provide basic necessities to the nation, the opposition party said yesterday.

“The regime has for 24 years failed to come up with a coherent programme aimed at bringing about a better life to the people,” said MDC spokesperson Paul Themba Nyathi. “Instead, it has continued to pursue politically expedient flip-flop policies aimed at enriching its cronies. By contrast, the MDC is ready and waiting with its comprehensive Restart programme to give the people of Zimbabwe a fresh start after years of continuous failings by a dishonest dictatorship.”

Nyathi said Zanu PF felt cornered because it had failed to come up with a programme to serve the people. Instead of coming up with prudent programmes it continued to invest in a vindictive agenda of looking for enemies and picking petty wars, he said.

Parliament this week adopted a motion calling on the government to investigate, as a matter of urgency, the full import of a recent statement by British prime minister Tony Blair that he was working closely with the MDC for a change of government in Zimbabwe.

Nyathi said a country that quarrels with 90% of the world has a failed foreign policy.

“In contrast, the people of Zimbabwe in general, and the MDC in particular, will continue to work with anybody in any part of the world who is in solidarity with the people of Zimbabwe and is desirous of promoting the country’s democratic principles,” said Nyathi.

“The MDC shall continue to concentrate on programmes that seek to bring about a better life for the people of Zimbabwe and strongly urges Zanu PF to stop the childish behaviour and bitterness and put the people first.”

Nyathi said the people would not be fooled and would continue to ask why Zimbabwe has more enemies than friends and why the people are hungrier and poorer today than at Independence.

“They know who is responsible,” said Nyathi. “They are clear who the deceitful cronies that have amassed all the land at the expense of the people are. The people know that hundreds of thousands of jobs continue to be lost due to the policies of a regime that feeds on corruption.”

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