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Enemies of our liberty should face people’s wrath

By Rusununguko Sadza    

OUR beautiful country continues to slide into a bottomless pit, its future being eroded by a few who are in control of the apparatus of the state and their willing stooges.

The system of oppression and deprivat

ion obtaining in our country today is sustained by human beings like you and me, who must one day  be called to account as individuals.

The enemies of Zimbabwe’s future must be exposed and face the people’s wrath.

We know the state as an organised unit is too strong for us to confront.

Street action and stayaways have been tried but met with the brutality of the enemies of liberty.

Yet the people who are standing against our freedom and liberty are known.

They have nowhere to hide, except our fear of them, which they have sustained. They humiliate us in bars, at the markets, on the streets and in our houses.

The poverty, joblessness, lack of social and economic security which they have induced have been the biggest assault on humanity.

We know where they stay and work, their businesses, children and families.

We know they sleep at night.

We know there is a moment of the day when they need to eat or drink.

We know there is a time when they, as individuals, can be vulnerable. We call on all freedom lovers, wherever they are, to extinguish these threats to our collective humanity.

Their arrogance must be undermined.

By making them insecure as individuals, we are expanding the very frontiers of our liberty.

We are underlining that Zimbabwe will never again be a nation where individuals can inflict such suffering as we have been forced to endure.

Instead of financing the butchering of our women as they call for their rights; instead of jailing our activists; instead of harassing our leaders; the regime must commit itself to guarding its children at home and in foreign lands.
Those who defend the regime in whatever form must be warned that there will not be any excuses for their continued relationship with a man-eating institution.

They should not stand in the way of their freedom.

As we commit ourselves to non- violence, we underline that it is not an act of violence for a people confronted with violence to defend themselves.

We are not a violent people, we are the most tolerant of people, but this tolerance is what has brought us to where we are today.            

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