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Welcome to our empty paradise!

APPARENTLY the price monitoring task force has wrought havoc on business like the government did on the farms.

We are now left with empty shelves and a thriving black market! Bread, which is going to be completely unavailable wi

thin the next few days is being sold in tuck shops for $200 000 per loaf.

Cigarettes are going for $500 000 per packet and $5 million per carton, eggs $1,5 million per tray, and a 2kg packet of chicken pieces is going for $2 million.

Amazingly when you phone producers (the likes of Suncrest, Irvines etc), they have no chickens or eggs.

I presume the chickens were “told” to stop laying eggs until the task force allows the price of eggs to be increased. I guess there must be millions of chickens running around as none have been culled since the raids on shops by the task force.

The cows too must have had strict instructions not to produce milk until the price of milk, cheese, butter etc is increased.

Poor cows must be suffering badly carrying so much milk in their udders!

I also find it amazing that the cigarette producers are “catching up on their exports” hence the non-availability of cigarettes on the local market.

We read wonderful tales about large herds of beef cattle being bred in the New Farmer magazine. Where then is all the top quality beef?

On June 5 I had lunch at Coimbra Restaurant, the chicken and chips were $490 000. On June 23, the same dish was the same price, $490 000 and yesterday I had the same dish and, guess what, it now costs $1 200 000.

Despite three calls to the task force this restaurant remains untouched, maybe it belongs to someone in a position of authority!

I was unfortunate to be at Makro the day Madam Chiwenga threw her toys out and verbally attacked the MDC leader. She is a true Zanu PF supporter and stands for everything Zanu PF is famous for — violence and racism!

What else can I say but to endure yet another day in “paradise” with very little else to “beef” about!

Z Chibaya


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