NSS gets facelift

By Colleen Tafireyi

THE Sports and Recreation Commission (SRC) has finally secured resources to rehabilitate the turf and terraces at the National Sports Stadium (NSS), IndependentSport heard this week.

NSS maintenance manager Godwin Muzira confirmed that as of Tuesday work to improve the turf had already begun and added they were aiming at raising the quality to internationally recognised standards.

“It’s true that the playing turf was showing signs of old age and we have put in place corrective measures to that,” said Muzira.

“We have cut down the roots levels, so that we can get new shoots and effectively replace the old grass. We have made the necessary arrangements to have a better turf. Admittedly the state of the arena has not been that impressive but no formal complains reached us.”

Muzira said the SRC could not remove the whole turf because that process requires two years to complete.

He said such a time span would seriously affect local premier league matches as well as national team commitments.

The Premier Soccer League recently banned the use of Rufaro Stadium in Harare where standards have gone down and the Harare City Council has been failing to uplift the stadium.

The same problem of poor standards also characterises the other few stadiums in the country such as Gwanzura in Harare and Luveve in Bulawayo.