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Let’s rally behind the Warriors

IndependentSports ViewItai Dzamara

IT must be regrettable that the Warriors go into battle tomorrow in Gabon under a sort of interim coaching set-up.

NT face=”Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif”>Not at all to imply that I am denying or doubting the ability of Rahman Gumbo and Brenna Msiska as coaches but I am bemoaning the timing of the abrupt change to the technical team.

It was of course after the sudden resignation of head coach Sunday Marimo last week that Zifa had to quickly come up with a stopgap measure.

As we have been urging all along, Zifa had to soon after the African Nations Cup finals change the Warriors technical department to avoid a situation like this where emergency measures are taken that obviously affect the team’s performance.

However, it is important at this stage to come together as a nation and rally behind the Warriors as they begin the campaign for the 2006 World Cup and Nations Cup qualification.

The group the Warriors are in is tougher compared to last year’s campaign and it must be emphasised that results have to start coming right away. Gumbo and Msiska by virtue of having been assistants to Marimo during the last couple of years are not new to the grand stage and must prove their mettle.

The players themselves have a national obligation to pull up a good result in Gabon tomorrow in order to launch the qualifying campaign on a strong footing.

It was encouraging to observe how Warriors fans scrambled for opportunities to travel to Gabon this week. The spirit of unity and the desire for victory has to overshadow all differences when it comes to supporting the national team. Zifa must embrace such goodwill.

But it should be stressed that Zifa must stop dithering over the technical department issue and make a decision quickly for the sake of creating confidence, continuity as well as stability within the team.

Meetings with prospective Warriors coach Jomo Sono next week will have to culminate into a firm conclusion. Or, if the deal with Sono fails to materialise, Zifa has to try other options with haste.

Unlike as expressed in other media where acres and acres of space are wasted in trying to de-campaign prospective candidates for the Warriors technical team, I believe focus must be on bringing in a qualified person. Whether from South Africa or Brazil, it doesn’t matter really.

The Warriors play their next qualifying match against Algeria in a fortnight at home. It can’t be acceptable to reach that date without a resolution to the technical department issue. A substantive team should have been appointed by then.

Responses to the previous editions of this column calling on Marimo to go as well as Zimbabwe Cricket Union (ZCU) chairman Peter Chingoka to resign have been overwhelming.

Below are some of them:

I agree with you that the reasonable thing to do is for Chingoka to resign as president of the ZCU. He has backed himself into a cul-de-sac and cannot back out without losing the little dignity that he still has.

As the English would say, “he is between the devil and the deep blue sea” or “he is between a rock and a hard place”.

Can you please confirm the status of local sponsors as I have heard that Old Mutual and Ford may have quit.

Kind regards,


Coventry, UK.

If you see politics in everything that is happening but also refuse to see the dynamics of racism in Zimbabwe, then you are not worth to be a journalist.

Don’t ever think that trying to be seen to be siding with those stupid racists you will be seen as Uncle Tom. No, no you are but a filthy monkey to them when they discuss you. You Zimbabwean journalists are so foolish because you write a one-sided story.

Tell us, since the days of naive Henry Olonga, has the team at any one time ever had more than four blacks? Why then haven’t the majority white players performed the wonders you allude to?

When Heath Streak resigned they went on strike. But why didn’t his racist colleagues strike when Brian Murphy was appointed captain?

Do you know these racists have been paid pounds to follow through that action hence the exclusion of black players right from the start? It was considered an exclusively white-only issue.

Do you remember the racism going on in the team which was chronicled by the witless Olonga then? Are the West Indies white anyway?

Come here to Britain where I am right now and you will realise why it is important that at least the black man must take control when he is on his own soil. We see racism, we live it and we are made to realise that in this world we are but nothing in the face of a white man.

So in future research hard before you write your filthy treatise on behalf of stinking racists who are very stupid because they never learnt anything from the folly of the CFU trying to maintain an all-white club in a black country desiring change.

Do not think that you have to be a supporter of Zanu PF to demand justice. Oh no, you only need to be a perceptive human being who sees the naked racism going on in our land and equally the nauseating attitudes of black Uncle Toms who want to pretend all is well and a scribe any genuine demands for social change in race relations to Zanu PF barbarism.



You superbly summed it up! Chingoka has lost the plot and must just resign. He must just go as Marimo did after your bold call for him to do the only honourable thing.

If Chingoka believes he is right in denying the so-called rebels the opportunity to express themselves, then life is moving backwards in this part of the universe. Hallmarks of civilisation and technology are tolerance and freedoms of speech, expression and co-existence.

The rubbish that it is the white players who are racists and didn’t want blacks to be included in the national team must be contemptuously denounced. Why is it coming up now, after Chingoka has set the cricket house on fire?

Yes Itai, I agree with you: Chingoka must bowl himself out. But I have another suggestion:

If he has become too arrogant and would not do the honourable thing, then may the other members of the ZCU put together the strongest bowling order to get rid of this unprofessional batsman called Chingoka?

Meanwhile, may I urge you to keep on telling the truth.

Frank Chiutsi,


Marimo indeed just had to go. I should say well done for your fearless articulation of issues such as that of Marimo through your column.

I agree with you, virtues of humanity must make us respect Marimo for his contribution. Indeed he led us to our maiden appearance at the Nations Cup finals.

But by the same token, the veteran mentor also had to respect us as a nation. Memories of him coming out on television responding angrily to concerns about his selection and playing style disturb me. For a national team coach to state on national television that “as long as I am coach, I will choose the team I like and if you no longer need me, just fire me” is really unfortunate.

May I say to Mhofu well done for stepping down. And we will forever remember you for your contribution. Now it is time to emulate higher goals as a soccer-playing nation.

Prosper Mhashu,


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