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10 pretenders and one silly boy

WE had all hoped to witness a classy match last Sunday that the names Dynamos and Motor Action immediately evoke after the hullabaloo that characterised the so-called resurgence of the former.

Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif”>But “we woz robbed”.

The faithful were betrayed, and we were all left convinced the men masquerading as Dynamos players don’t have what it takes to stop the likes of Caps United and Highlanders.

As it is, Dynamos are simply not good enough for the championship, if they even have any player worth putting on the famous blue-and-white strip.

That’s the grim reality that faced the multitude of Dynamos fans who thronged Rufaro for the supposedly big game. Even those who watched it on television could not believe it.

A rebuilding Dynamos side we had hoped would stand up to the might of Motor Action turned out to be mere pretenders still struggling to grasp the basics of football.

Even the Mighty Bulls might have been disappointed Dynamos were not up to scratch as they pumped in five goals without raising a sweat.

On a day we expected an entertaining and a tightly contested match, the Dynamos technical team fielded 11 pretenders — who clearly cannot add to the 11 titles the club has won since Zimbabwe’s Independence in 1980.

But among the bunch of the “zhing-zhongs” was one silly boy.

Dynamos captain Leo Kurauzvione did not only lose balls on the field, but he also lost his marbles in the process. In a moment of madness, the bully felt the only way to stop Motor Action from inflicting further damage was to chop off the legs of one of their key players.

So horrific was Kurauzvione’s lunge at Siza Khoza that even Dynamos fans would have meted out instant justice on their captain if they had their way.

It’s not the first time the boy has been red-carded for silly and unacceptable fouls. He seems to have grown bigheaded — probably because he is the new captain of the country’s biggest club.

He should restrict his bulliness to his own bedroom. Dynamos are such a big institution they can’t have a leader who behaves like a brainless animal. The boy simply doesn’t deserve the captain’s armband.

We have been told and we have seen the young man’s behaviour off the field. Tell us, Leo, if you care where you were recently when others were in camp for the big match.

We shall not say much lest the boy think we have a personal vendetta against him. We just urge him to behave like a sportsman. We all hate losing but we would rather keep our marbles.

Now Dynamos will have to miss Kurauzvione’s services because he chose to be stupid. Grow up and leave the ghetto rowdiness to the street “money games”.

We would have hoped Dynamos would censure Kurauzvione, but with a coach like David George no one can be confident that the player has faced the music.

It’s the same George who failed the thousands of Dynamos fans who had expected to witness a blood-and-thunder derby. Even the Bulls fans were disappointed too.

Rufaro Stadium was almost bursting at the seams with thousands who wanted to check Dynamos’ credentials for the championship that has eluded them for the past eight years.

So enthusiastic were the fans that they had even started singing during the curtain-raiser between Dynamos’ reserve side against Telecel.

For once, we thought the olden days were back at Dynamos, a club that at one time claimed to have seven million supporters. We thought the bygone years where car horns would be honked while others sang and whistled in a cacophony of noise to celebrate a DeMbare victory were back.

And no one would think otherwise. Here was a side that had dismissed Masvingo in the season opener and accounted for Railstars in their second fixture of the season.

Even the propaganda theorists made people believe the good times were back at Dynamos.

Some of us even risked getting a good hiding for predicting Dynamos would go nowhere this season.

Enter George, and all the expectations were washed away. We woz robbed. The faithful were betrayed.

For a start, Dynamos’ tactics were as questionable as their decision to field Callisto Pasuwa.

We hear George fielded five midfielders because he feared the Mighty Bulls would be better in that department. Fine. But look at the players he fielded. You can’t make up for lack of quality with numbers.

Honestly, the likes of Prince Mbara, Bernard Benesi and Richmond Mafuzha — if they are not Division One material — can’t be the best midfielders Dynamos have. Add to that an overrated Mtshumayeli Moyo and Dynamos expect to win the championship!

Clive Mwale was left a lone figure upfront and he was no match for the gangling Bulls defenders in the 4-5-1 formation George thought would bring him the result.

The DeMbare defence left a lot to be desired. Pasuwa, feared to be over 40, was fielded in central defence when his legs can’t carry him as fast as expected of anyone in that position.

We advise Pasuwa to rather retire and concentrate on the managerial post we hear he was given at Dynamos. And our only hope is that he is not using his post to influence his inclusion in the team.

Then the inclusion of Nyasha Chazika could be a fraud. He is not match-fit and ended the game hobbling off the patch after failing to contain the rampaging Bulls.

He was scared to get into tackles, and to make it worse he was played on the left flank when we all know what he can do with his right foot.

Little wonder Motor Action never conceded an offside the entire match, because Dynamos had a static defence manned by unfit players who were scared to move upfront lest they expose their goalkeeper. But that didn’t work, and in the end goalkeeper Philip Nhete was blamed for three quick goals the defence could have prevented.

Maybe all the players were selected on merit, but we certainly think the club has better players to be in the line-up.

If it’s a rebuilding exercise we were told Dynamos were undergoing, we expect to see new faces. No matter sponsorship came a little bit late for Dynamos to buy new players like Motor Action did, we believe most youngsters can bring back the glory days at the club.

That’s exactly what Charles Mhlauri did when he transformed an ordinary Caps United into a trailblazing outfit with then unknown players such as Raymond Undi, Ashley Muza and Washington Pakamisa, to name but a few.

Dynamos also ought to have Sunday Chidzambwa sitting on the bench. His presence alone can inspire even an ordinary team.

Above all Chidzambwa is by far a better tactician than George combined with July Sharara, the duo who saw it wise to pull out their goalkeeper at half-time when they had already made a forced substitution due to injury in the first half.

The coaches’ shortcomings were further exposed in the second half when they failed to make tactical changes. We only feel sorry for them when we look at the bench they had.

We hope Dynamos start a real revival. We all know if Dynamos play well, the whole league becomes exciting.

Even Caps United, Highlanders, Shabanie or Eiffel Wildcats all expect Dynamos to be what it used to be almost a decade ago because that will inspire their players too. It’s a great feeling to beat a strong Dynamos.

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