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Leadership at the peak – In the midst of chaos

WHAT do you do when, as Chinua Achebe so aptly put it, “the centre can’t hold”? When everything that you considered immutable in your life is shaken at the very roots and life seems to exist in a

n uncontrollable vortex, a vortex whose structure you cannot comprehend and is for ever changing.

No doubt the volatile hurricane situation that every Zimbabwean is currently facing is unprecedented. It doesn’t really matter whether you are at the epicentre of the hurricane currently sweeping the nation or you are observing the swirling and furious damage being wreaked from a distance as a casual observer of a news series. The fact is, as long as you are Zimbabwean you cannot escape the effects of the storm.

You thought your education and corporate experience was a guarantee of a lifestyle of ease and comfort? Think again. The man in the street with nothing to his name but a few years in primary school is probably earning more than you are.

You thought your social status and business empire built out of effortless “networking” would stand you in good stead? Well, think again. The economic dynamics at play are destroying business value at a faster pace than any ever experienced before. Economic and political uncertainty, social turbulence and threatening undercurrents, creep-ing and paralysing moral decadence, worthless earnings, threats to family structures and social unity are all boiling in the cauldron that Zimbabweans now call life.

There are basically two choices that face you. Come to think of it, these two choices have always been there for you, never exercised perhaps, because the current pressures to your very existence did not exist. To really understand these two choices, let’s lighten up a little bit. I suggest you either go out and buy one of those tattered and torn T-shirts emblazoned in red “Born to Suffer” or get your writing instruments out, make your own stencils and on your favourite T-shirt emblazon “Born to Create Success”.

Each of these sayings depicts a mindset, a paradigm, a framework of reference out of which you will operate. Choose the “Born to Suffer” mindset and I can guarantee you that the cauldron will drown you. Choose the “Born to Create Success” mind set and you will tap into a strength that will carry you forward irrespective of the pressures the current hurricane forces upon you.

Leader, take note the hurricane is here and will stay a while before its force is spent. In the event you think it’s over or that you are safe, you are probably, in your own little world, merely in the eye of it. The peace and calm is illusionary, fragile and temporary. The hurricane will only be over when there is peace all round, not just in your cosmos. The “Born to Create Success” mindset is not just a phrase to be parroted without depth of reflection and focus. It is structured around the ability to see the invisible and to create a reality out of it.

You are quite right that it is impossible to see a way out of the mess Zimbabwe is in. That’s because whilst putting all your energies to focus on survival, which you must do, you have failed to lift up your inner eyes to see the invisible things that you can attain if only you can be brave enough to name them and pursue them. It really doesn’t matter what it is you hope for economically, socially, politically, family wise or health wise. If you can mentally rise up above the obtaining circumstances and see the future you want to create, crystallise it in your mind, and then begin to work at it diligently in the present (even in the midst of the chaos) I guarantee you that you will achieve your goal.

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