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Consumer council attacks bakeries

Pindai Dube

THE Consumer Council of Zimbabwe (CCZ) has attacked bakeries for making expensive confectionary products and ceasing production of bread many have said is of v

ery poor quality. Trust Masarirambi, a CCZ spokesman, say bakers were flooding the market with a wide range of expensive confectioneries in a bid to evade bread price controls.

“We have since approached the Ministry of Industry and International Trade about the issue. But we hope the negotiations between bakers and government will come out positive,” said Masarirambi.

He accused bakeries of making super loaf and a modified type of half-loaf which costs between $500 to $600 and $260 to $280 respectively.

“We are not law-enforcement agents but we want to urge bakers to desist from this practice of making the so-called super loaf and other expensive confectioneries which are beyond the reach of many,” Masarirambi said.

“They have all the reason to bake it but we are appealing to them to consider the fact that the majority of consumers are ordinary people who can’t afford the products.”

Bakery officials said the industry faces collapse due to a host of problems, chief among them continued government price controls which have left them on the verge of bankruptcies.

Bread is one of the many products whose prices are controlled by government. The regulated price for a loaf is currently $295. The controls have resulted in a shortage of bread or production of poor quality bread that can hardly be sliced.

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