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Beyond the festive season

By George W Nyabadza

SO another year draws to a close. It is customary for me to ask you whether you have achieved your outcomes for this year or not and if you have started on your plans for next year, part

of my usual “take charge of your life” motivation I continually bombard you with.

But I won’t do that, I won’t remind you of your successes or near misses, that’s for you to reflect on as you draw near to the height of the silly season, that day when almost everyone’s dreams are possible, when it seems that life has given you a clean slate to start all over again. That’s right, I refer to New Year’s Day and its attendant New Year wishes.

It’s funny how the older we get we don’t close our eyes and make wishes that we hope will come true. We are wiser so we call the wishes goals. We may not share them out aloud but deep down we hope that at last the New Year would bring with it abundance, joy, happiness and all the other nebulous things we aspire to.

But the hopes for this coming year shall be tempered by memories of the past. I remember how everyone, a few years ago, almost to the month, expressed certainty one way or the other about the outcome of the pending elections. Business either invested or held back depending on the leadership’s anticipated outcome; individuals made life-changing decisions again on the same premise. Yours truly decided to set up as a consultant positively expectant of a business boom over the next five years. Your decision-making process may not have been as dramatic as this but with the coming events of the first quarter of 2005, I wonder what’s going through your mind. Suffice it to say that in my own decision-making process, I did the usual wise thing: best case to worst case scenario but even if I had doubled the worst case I would not have been near the reality of what ha since transpired.

However, in all that I stuck my decision out and am beginning to enjoy the rewards of the resultant process. The last few years have been extremely exciting to say the least but I couldn’t stop myself reflecting on the possible ramifications of whatever the result will be of the upcoming general election.

I am certain quite a lot of people are being driven by fear of the outcome, or rather the uncertainty of it. Possibly many are fearful of dreaming of a future that will be impacted by the outcomes of the election. I believe that in reflecting more on whom you are, as opposed to what may happen to each person, has the power within to decide what course of action to take with his or her lives.

I have a great sense that Zimbabwe is poised for explosive transformation whether this comes by government initiative or by individual initiative arising out of a sense of “can do” spirit that causes one to rise up in strength from within.

The exciting thing about life is that although you can never really know what’s coming at you, but if you decide to engage with it (life) full on you will empower yourself and grow as an individual; and the more that process of becoming occurs, your unique gifts and talents blossom enabling you to enter that unique path where it seems like the world is conspiring to favour you along the way.

The wise King Solomon said once upon a time “a man’s gift opens doors for him”. So as the festive season draws nigh and if you really are drawn to make a wish do yourself a favour and wish that you use every experience to let your gifts and talents come to the fore. Push fear aside, there is a life of power beyond the first quarter of 2005.

* South African-based George W Nyabadza is the chief executive officer of Achievement Success Dynamics International. For more information on leadership development programmes please visit our website www.achievement-success.com or e-mail George on


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