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Leadership at the peak – Africa needs dedicated leaders

George W Nyabadza

AFRICA is a sad story of potential wasted. Irrespective of the source of information almost everyone agrees that Africa is the most endowed continent in terms of known mineral resources. Sh

e has it all.

Even rare minerals used in the manufacture of key components of nuclear reactors can be found in greater abundance in Africa than anywhere else in the world. We even have abundant oil reserves – don’t let the fuel queues in Zimbabwe and Nigeria fool you, the oil is there in abundance.

I recently read that researchers have detected massive gas fields off the coast of South Africa. The true potential of Africa is unrealised and immense. Yet, despite all this seemingly abundant natural resources wealth, Africa continues to flounder in the depths of poverty, sickness and disease.

And not only that, she continues to beg from everyone else instead of providing for herself and feeding the rest of the world. She has the capacity to do so.

On a micro level, it’s like a family having all this money stashed away in banks but living in squalid conditions, waiting for some kind soul to give a handout. If that’s the situation that Africa finds herself in, what then is the solution?

There must surely be a solution, unless Africa believes and accepts that she is destined to be always a beggar to the West. I think there is two legs to the answer: a shift in inner consciousness and a need for real leaders to take their positions.

A shift in inner consciousness

Poverty that is rampant on the continent is evidence of a particular inner state that dominates African consciousness. Now I am speaking both specifically and in general. As much as poverty is more rampant in certain parts of the continent than in others so the inner state of poverty consciousness is spread out.

A pervasive inability to understand and appreciate the abundance that the continent is blessed with creates an overwhelming sense of lack and limitation within the populace at large. If your mind can grasp this, think of each of the five continents as one person; an American, a European, an Asian, an Australian and African.

If you let the inner state of each one be reflective of the general state of the continent, which one do you think would have a higher frequency or vibration of abundance and which one would lack it?

The next statement has always created much debate with my colleagues but if you were to take the American, with his inner disposition, and place him in Africa, with all its resources and abundance, what do you think would be the result?

Do you think this individual would still be begging in 10 years time or would they be entertaining the beggars of the world?

Poverty has its roots in the inner construct of each human being, through their beliefs, thinking processes and so on. If Africa is to be transformed much work has to be focused on renewing the inner positions and consciousness of not just specific individuals but all.

Donations, grants and aid that aren’t focused on doing this are simply short changing Africa. She will never escape the clutches of poverty, not in a thousand years!

The role of leadership

So if the answer is not in donations, grants and aid, where does it lie? We are back to leadership. Africa needs leaders, at all levels of society, who understand the sources of true wealth and who can, selflessly, dedicate their free time to shifting her inner consciousness.

This they can do through imparting a sense of purpose and destiny and the ability to reconstruct, diligently, the warped and limited inner realities that constrain it today, one African at a time if need be. My challenge to real leaders is: what are you waiting for?

l South African-based George W Nyabadza is the chief executive officer of Achievement Success Dynamics International. For more information on leadership development programmes please visit our website www.achievement-success.com or email George on info@achievement-success.com

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