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Strategis bids for Zimpharm

Ngoni Chanakira

STRATEGIS Africa Ltd (Strategis) is negotiating to take over Zimbabwe Pharmacies (Pvt) Ltd (Zimpharm) in a move designed to spread its local investments.

Strategis, which was recently offloaded by Trans Zambezi Industries Ltd (TZI), has of late embarked on an aggressive take-over and marketing campaign.

A consortium of prominent and experienced indigenous medical practitioners runs the group, which has branches in Kenya, Malawi, South Africa, Tanzania, Zambia and Zimbabwe.

Strategis regional chief executive officer Fungai Mparadzi in an interview confirmed that his company was negotiating with Zimpharm but declined to give more details, saying the issue was “still on the drawing board but is being actively pursued”.

He said: “Yes we are negotiating for a possible stake in Zimpharm but the bid is still being discussed by the different boards. The move is meant to increase our ownership of various entities in the medical field.”

Strategis Holdings owns several mainly indigenous medical facilities in Zimbabwe that include West End Hospital (Harare avenues area), South Medical Hospital (Chitungwiza), Suburban Medical Centre (Warren Park), Medical Air Rescue Services (Mars), and Strategis Health and Life.

Zimpharm, on the other hand, owns several pharmacies countrywide.

Analysts said the take-over would result in Strategis becoming another medical powerhouse in Zimbabwe at a time when the fraternity is experiencing difficulties resulting from acute foreign currency shortages.

The shortages have resulted in the cost of medical equipment, services and drugs going beyond the reach of ordinary citizens, especially those who do not have access to medical aid facilities.

“Our ambition is to be the leaders in health care delivery not only in Zimbabwe but in Africa by increasing access to healthcare and making healthcare relationships work,” Mparadzi said. “Using Strategis Health and Life our affiliation with Masca (medical aid society) has seen a team effort which has developed a range of medical insurance products geared at addressing and anticipating customer needs. The business environment has become very demanding and calls for innovative solutions to meet the healthcare needs of the market.”

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