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Women of Substance – ‘Team work conquers all’ – Kwaramba

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HER life can be summed up as a committed Christian leader seeking to serve the disenfranchised and marginalised in Zimbabwe and beyond in a manner that paves way for personal transformation, a l

awyer with proven advocacy and negotiating skills with 10 years experience in human rights and humanitarian work.

She turned down an offer to work at a reputable law firm choosing instead to join Msasa Project as a volunteer because it was closer to her dream – applying legal principles to real life.

The above citation forms part of the curriculum vitae of World Vision International (Zimbabwe) national director, Rudo Kwaramba.

Having been invited to serve on the advisory board of World Vision International in 1995, Kwaramba assumed the post of director in 1999.

Kwaramba has distinguished herself as a committed personality.

From humble beginnings, the 36-year-old graduated with a Bachelor of Laws degree from the University of Zimbabwe.

Kwaramba cut her milk teeth in the legal fraternity when she represented a woman whose husband had died. Since women were considered minors at the time, the matrimonial home was registered in the son’s name.

Others would have thrown in the towel considering that patriarchy at the time superseded basic human rights but not Kwaramba as she worked on the case passionately.

Her dream was realised when she won the case and the house was reregistered in the woman’s name. This marked the turning point in her life as it confirmed her desire to work with women in legal affairs.

Kwaramba is at the forefront of advocating women’s issues and rights. As such, she was instrumental in the launching of a television programme that tackled domestic violence.

She is a strong believer in the notion that there is tremendous benefit in developing strong teams with a shared vision.

“At World Vision Zimbabwe, I invest time in information sharing to enable team decision-making. In the absence of consensus I do not however hesitate to take the decision,” she says.

The soft-spoken Kwaramba believes in career development and has done everything possible to upgrade herself.

Her curriculum vitae includes a diploma on Equal Status and Human Rights of Women from the Raoul Wallenberg Institute of Human Rights and Humanitarian Law, University of Sweden.

In addition she has passed the course work for the masters in policy studies programme and is soon to submit her dissertation.

Kwaramba says leadership values are a vital component of teamwork.

“I have found out that servant leadership is practical and serves both the leader and the team. When practised with a common understanding it enables the team members to complement and support one another. In a team, the leader has a tremendous burden to create space and an environment to build common understanding of the vision and mission,” Kwaramba said.

A devout Christian, Kwaramba says: “Godly people in the right position are our greatest resource and our common faith in God binds us together.”

The last born in a family of three, Kwaramba attributes her success to friends and mentors such as Eunice Njovana and Dr Olivia Muchena.

Married to Alexander Kwaramba, the couple has a son, Isheanesu Joshua.

Born 36 years ago, Kwaramba deserves her place in the sun.

She is due to take up a post as director of advocacy communication and education of World Vision International (United Kingdom).

Speaking on the activities of World Vision Zimbabwe, Kwaramba said their mission was “to transform vision into strategy by refocusing on key areas and being committed to advocacy at different levels”.

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