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LEADERSHIP AT THE PEAK – The rich get richer

By George W Nyabadza

AS I write this week’s article I am sitting in the Hartsfield Jackson International Airport, Atlanta, Georgia, on my way to an international seminar in Maui, Hawaii, where I am scheduled

to deliver a series of lectures on leadership.

Thinking through what to write on and the extant problem of meeting this week’s deadline, constrained by the lengthy flying time, the short connections, limited Internet access and the fact that I find it difficult to write from my heart without a looming deadline. Although I have just spent a sleepless 17 hours in a plane, my mind has been preoccupied with the timeless truth that researchers on success have come up with time and time again is proving itself true; the extent to which one’s inner world positively surpasses the outer world reality, to that extent is that person in charge of their own destiny.

We live simultaneously in two worlds – the outer world in which we live and have our physical being and the inner world in which our beliefs, values, and emotions have their essence. The outer world has several dimensions to it – the environment to which we respond to, based on the skills and talents which we possess.

The interaction of our skills and talents with the environment is the behaviours that characterise us. To the extent that our skills and talents are adequate to meet the challenges of the environment, our jobs, careers, relationships, social challenges, to that extent do we exhibit positive behaviours and live a satisfactory life?

To the extent that the challenges from the environment are more than we can cope with using our current skills and talents to that extent do we experience pain, frustrations, hurt, disappointment and anxiety over the very fact of our continued existence? The inner world also has its unique dimensions – the beliefs that we hold, the values that we adhere to, our own idea of our particular identity as individuals and what we believe as the source of all creation. These qualities all work together to create powerful filters that determine how we interpret the goings-on in the outer world. These filters generally distort, delete, or generalise information being presented to our circumstances resulting in unique internal coding that create our inner subjective experience and basically how we feel about the world.

It is a fact that as far as creating a life of success is concerned, each individual defines success as the ability to control the inner world powerfully which positively impacts the external world. The powerful inner world of beliefs, values, identity creates the personal circumstances that we find ourselves in. This creation is either direct through processes of effectively using the subconscious mind or indirect as determined by the individual’s responses to circumstances that occur in the external environment where they played no role.

The small percentage of society that live the lives they truly desire and that are usually considered leaders have cultivated the ability to work deep in their inner world and at any given time the inner world reality is positively different to the outer world because the latter is seeking to catch up with the inner.

The majority that live lives that they personally know are below standard use their inner world to mirror the outer world. In other words if there is pain, suffering, frustration, unhappiness, inadequate finances and any other ill in the outer realm of life, deep inside them they are experiencing the same level of personal pain and trauma.

The phrase the poor get poorer captures this though I would rephrase it to say the poor in the inner world get poorer in the outer world.

Last weekend I facilitated my personal revolution system programme in Harare where 25 leaders were equipped with technologies that will assist them to forever take charge of their future destiny. For them I can definitely say the rich inside will get richer on the outside.

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