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Shocked by letter from Founders School

I WAS saddened by the letter from Founders School students (Independent, November 7) as a parent who has two daughters. The country has sunk to a new low – a female teacher fails to respond to the cries for help, teachers pay students to

complain on their own, a total absence of parental responsibility and morality.

It is a tragedy too for the parents whose children are abused and they do nothing. This is what happened at pungwes, Zanu PF’s political awareness meetings conducted at night during the liberation war.

On one side sat those with guns with the power to intimidate, pillage, plunder and ultimately kill with impunity. People were cowed into submission. Even those who supported the party dogma had to be humiliated and dehumanised to perform acts of savagery and celebrate and sing at some poor person’s humiliation or death.

Zimbabweans, at two elections, have asked for an alternative through the ballot box but to no avail. Governors and party leaders are now mainly ex-military or those beholden to the military.

The government is even thinking of appointing mayors. The president can still appoint MPs, even those who have failed at the ballot box. Zimbabwe will be reduced to being run by warlords and we all have seen what the net result is. The war veterans are the army of occupation that started this country on the road to ruin.

This is a letter for those in the diaspora who might consider what they are funding next time they send money home and when they are mobilised to use their wealth to keep Zimbabwe afloat. We all left because the politics stank both in Ian Smith’s time and now under Robert Mugabe after so-called Independence.

Is Oppah Muchinguri being replaced by Mike Nyambuya because she has been one of the sensible Zanu people? Your guess is as good as mine. Those who support the present iniquities will have to answer to a higher power.

To all those who have relatives in Zimbabwe, one wonders why you remain silent. The letter from the students at the Bulawayo school will haunt me for life. If somebody can send the letter to the presidents of Nigeria and South Africa, please do.

Do any ministers send their children to Founders? Is there a Zanu PF father out there or possibly a PF-Zapu one who is going to investigate the basis of that letter?

The ministers of the churches: where are you when your children are crying? Parenthood is a blessing and we should look after our children and discharge our responsibilities.

Mr President, you are a father too. First lady, you are the mother of the nation. The MDC should take this up in parliament if Zanu PF cannot. The rule of the gun and the bully is the law of the jungle and unfortunately I fear that is where we are today.



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