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Rapist gang roaming school

WE are a group of prefects and Form 1 to 6 students from Founders High School, Bulawayo, and need your assistance to put an end to the madness we are witnessing here by exposing it.

On Friday, October 3, three Form 1 girls were gang-raped by a group of six Form 4 boys led by a notorious boy (name supplied) who is feared even by teachers.

This happened right inside the school hall. A senior woman teacher who was present on the day turned a blind eye to the cries of help and just left.

The major culprit continues to threaten with death anyone who wants to expose him. He continues taking any girl he wants to the unused toilets in the swimming pool for sex.

The woman teacher accuses those abused of asking for it by associating with tsotsis.

One of the victims is trying to kill herself by touching live electricity wires in the school hall, taking an overdose of Norolon tablets or drinking poison.

We stopped her from drinking her father’s blood pressure pills recently. She is always crying at school. Could the education authorities investigate this?

Could your esteemed newspaper investigate by phoning the school to find out what has been done since the rape? The boys responsible will soon be completing school and going away unpunished.

Ask the senior master and disciplinary committee. What pains us is that the culprit and his gang are writing exams and will go unpunished. They boast that nothing will be done to them.

Three concerned teachers gave us money to send you this e-mail.

Please help, we are desperate and can’t learn because of fear.

Concerned Pupils,



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