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NGO rips off students

I’M writing about this NGO called SHAPE Zimbabwe based at the University of Zimbabwe. It masquerades as a champion of youth and gender empowerment, yet it is ripping off the very youths it is supposed to represent.

P>Since it was formed by a former UZ student named Shepstone Musiyarira around 2000, it has taken students’ ideas and used them to get donor funds. They then convert the cash to their own use. Their latest ploy was to play the usual stunt on four guys who had come up with an idea to create a sitcom.

Having seen that they had enough substance to run the show on their own, they technically forced the four guys out, and got someone else to replace them.

Shepstone was recently made a member of the National Aids Council after Dr David Parirenyatwa was impressed by the launch of an album titled Set Me Free. The irony in all this is that although he is riding on the crest of success on the students backs, he takes all the credit and won’t pay the students fairly. Apparently, that is the reason why the four guys left in protest since they believed they deserved more than just lunch money during vacation.

Things took a sad twist recently when he manhandled one of the guys who were part of the sitcom production crew. This was during a function held at the University of Zimbabwe Beit Hall, in full view of other students. The production crew member had to be restrained by colleagues when he wanted to retaliate.

I believe the incident was an embarrassing one for the student and somehow exposed his immaturity. I also believe the Dean’s office should look into issues of students abuse and not just turn a blind eye because some influential people are perpetrating the crimes against students. It’s sad indeed.

Kusvika Rinhi, Harare.

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